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Bankruptcy Litigation

Levy Law Offices is available to represent individuals and companies in adversary proceedings that occur in Bankruptcy Court.  Adversary proceedings are lawsuits that are related to a pending bankruptcy case in Chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13.

Common types of adversary proceedings include:

  • Objections to Discharge
  • Revocation of Discharge
  • Objections to Confirmation
  • Violations of the Automatic Stay
  • Motions to Lift the Automatic Stay
  • Preference Litigation under Section 547
  • Fraudulent Conveyance
  • Fraudulent Transfers
  • Collection of Accounts Receivable
  • Contract Litigation
  • Tort Litigation
  • Business Related Litigation
  • Insider Preferences and Transfers

Mr. Levy previously worked for a Chapter 7 Trustee and gained extensive experience in bankruptcy litigation through his representation of the Trustee.  Mr. Levy has litigated many cases to completion before the Bankruptcy Court.

If you have received a notice from a party in a bankruptcy case or have received a Complaint or Summons, you should contact an attorney immediately to protect your legal interests. 

For a detailed evaluation of your case, please call Levy Law Offices for an initial consultation. There is a $240.00 fee for the initial consultation.  Levy Law Offices represents individuals and businesses in bankruptcy litigation on an hourly basis, which is currently $240.00 per hour.

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